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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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i come from sanctuaries. >> completely surreal. >> right now, a family in shock after a thief walks into a church and steals something irreplaceable. good evening. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. new tonight at 11:00, a family's farewell marred by greed and deception. police are searching for a thief who walked into an east bay church and stole a backpack
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containing a man's ashes. the theft jt as the widow was preparing for her husband's memorial service. kimberly is live in alameda. kimberly, it happened in seconds. >> reporter: that's right. it's a strange case. police say one walked into this church saturday afternoon and took the remains, leaving the family with mixed emotions. tonight they tell us there is sadness, terror and even some humor to be found in this. >> it's like he's been, you know, kidnapped. that's a little strong. it is kind of like that. abducted. >> reporter: marvin's family is hoping to recover his ashes after they were stolen saturday as a reception for his funeral was being set up inside the christ episcopal church. >> it's a huge violation of a sacred space. i feel that is a very sad thing to happen. >> reporter: the ashes were in three urns inside a solid dark green backpack sitting on a table in the santware.
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the family says they noticed it missing about 1:30 p.m. >> when kathy turns to me and says, "eleanor, where are the ashes?" >> completely surreal. you know, it's you showing up to your father's memorial service, the last thing you expect to hear is someone's made away with the ashes. you know, at the time all you can really do is laugh because going the other direction takes you to kind of a dark place. you really don't want to go there. >> reporter: his family's doesn't think the thief knew what was inside. they say they don't care who took the remains or why. they just want them returned. >> we wanted to take it on a pilgrimage to several places here in the united states as well as europe. and that was the plan. >> those ashes are really only important to us. and they're important to us for a lot of reasons. there's something about -- it's
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like there's something -- there's been something left undone. and we can't really get that done until those remains are returned. >> reporter: if you know anything about the urns or the backpack that was stolen which, again, is dark green in color, please call alamedat police. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. new information on a story we continue to follow. allegations of krk crooked cops drug dealing and dirty divorces. it's got the makings of a hollywood drama, but it's a real-life scandal unfolding in the east bay. corruption charges are widening implicating more cops and jeopardizing new cases. our elise kearschner joins us from danville. another bizarre twist. what have you learned? >> reporter: it is. yet another officer arrested. when we talked to people here at the two well-known bars, and everyone we spoke to knew exactly who that officer was. they say they saw him on the
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streets here making dui arrests. now the question is what will happen since he's been arrested himself? not wanting to show his face because of embarrassment -- >> they showed me the breathalyzer test. i blew a .099. on the police report it sa said .191. >> reporter: this officer arrested him for driving under the influence, and he plans to fight his ticket after the contra costa deputy was arrested himself on friday. >> the only thing i'll say is that i'm not guilty of this. >> reporter: the 47-year-old is now implicated in the widening investigation of contra costa county drug task force chief i don't remember welsh and high-profile private investigator chris butler. all three are charged with conspiring to obtain and sell drugs. and it's alleged butler enlisted tanabi and potentially other officers in an elaborate dui scheme to arrest men for drunk driving to tarnish their reputations in nasty divorce
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cases. >> these tactics airport foreign to him. >> reporter: this longtime attorney is involved in a case with butler. he says he's not surprised by the allegations that butler would hire women to get men drunk, then try to get them arrested for dui to build his client's case. >> it's a matter of child custody. >> reporter: couple minz believes many divorce cases will likely be reexamined. >> i would say that if it can be shown that the officer that was doing the arresting was tied to butler, that certainly could be grounds for a modification of custody, but it doesn't change the fact that the officer got the guy, and he was under the influence. >> reporter: and tonight, there are reports that more cops in other bay area police departments could be arrested. meanwhile, a marijuana case investigated by norm welsh is going to court tomorrow. and defense attorneys may possibly ask for that case and
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others to be dismissed. live in danville tonight, elise kearschner, nbc bay area news. well, a san jose neighborhood mourning the loss of a son, husband and father who lost his life in afghanistan over the weekend. >> army staff sergeant mark wells leaves behind a pregnant wife and a toddler. he left for afghanistan in august after a 14-month tour of duty in iraq. he told family and neighbors he loved his job. his neighbor tonight invited us into her home to see pictures of mark and his family she's kept on her computer. >> his parents would be very -- i know they're very proud of him. and that they loved him very much. and are proud of the man he became. the father, the husband. >> along with being patriotic, friends and family credit wells with being a great father and husband. cold case cracked. tonight bay area investigators say they have linked a 30-year-old murder to a
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convicted serial killer. marin county sheriff's investigators say they're confident that rodney ail calla, the so-called dating game killer, murdered a woman back in 1977. now, lambson disappeared during a trip to frischerman's wharf to meet a man who had offered to photograph her. her body later found near a marin county trail. that case went cold until last year when alcala was sentenced for five murders dating back to the '70s. investigators say those murders match the profile of lamson's death. this decades-old sketch matches the description. store clerks who saw lamson with the man just before her disappearance produced it. but with no fingerprints or dna, charges won't be brought. well, she would have turned 10 tomorrow. instead of a party, sandra cantu's family holding a memorial event in the little girl's honor. two years ago a neighbor killed the tracy girl and stuffed her body in a suitcase.
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after an exhaustive search, police arrested melissa huckabee. she's serving a life sentence for cantu's murder. for more information about tomorrow's events, go to our website. almost every school is facing severe budget cuts. for the mt. diablo school district, music programs and libraries will probably get the ax. and that means teachers will also lose their jobs. the school board will discuss eliminating most librarians and many music teachers to slash another $22 million from next year's budget. trustees are expecting that the governor's proposed tax extensions will not make it onto the june ballot or will fail. in total, 180 credentials teachers and administrators will be let go if the state funding falls through. the trustees will vote on march 15th. gas prices are the highest in the nation right here at home. and chances are you probably know that if you've been to the pump lately. taking a look now at the average price of regular gasoline in the bay area, they continue to rise.
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in san francisco, $3.95 a gallon. drivers are shelling out close to $3.91 a gallon for regular. premium unleaded, close to $4.25. gas prices spiked nearly 50 cents in this past month alone and nearly $1 over the past year. passengers on b.a.r.t. that you don't see and you don't want to have contact with. >> makes me think twice. >> i just about fell over. i could not believe. >> next, b.a.r.t.'s dirty little secret. the disgusting discovery about what you're being exposed to when you ride the rails. and what even b.a.r.t. leaders admit being forced to do. also from the red carpet to the peninsula. recognize him? the small project that brought actor james franco home tonight. we'll hear from him. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. plenty of temperatures in the 40s. also a lot of cloud cover and a few isolated showers tonight.
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through tomorrow, we'll manage some sunshine so whill tell you what our chance is of getting some of these showers down into the bay area is coming right up. after the break, a bay area fitness legend and guinness record holder being remlret.
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the guinness book of world records once called him the world's fittest man. tonight friends and family are mourning the sudden death of a bay area fitness guru. 54-year-old steve soakle was a frequent guest. he held 30 world fitness records including a situp record he set right here in our studio. he was killed this morning in a car accident near his san jose home. the cause is under investigation. san francisco police continue to feel the heat. the city's prosecutors dropped a fourth case involving a group of narcotics officers who were shown in this newly released video today. the force is still reeling after surveillance video last week surfaced allegedly showing plain-clothesed narcotics officers conducting illegal searches. they're also accused of falsifying police reports.
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the fbi and the department's top brass is investigating these allegations. it seems that sill von valley is running out of 408, so say hello to 669. a new number about to be added to bay area phone lists. cell phone and wireless use has officially exhausted the 408. so 669 will replace some 408 codes by the end of the year. the california public utilities commission will meet next week to decide who gets to keep the current code. one possibility, people signing up for new service will get the 669. this might be difficult to watch. it's one of the country's busiest public transit systems. it's also one of the dirtiest. the next time you take a seat on b.a.r.t., beware. mold, fecal matter and strains of bacteria all found festering in the b.a.r.t. seat cushions. nbc bay area's vicky nguyen takes us in depth tonight. >> reporter: with 350,000 daily b.a.r.t. riders -- this is what
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you see, and this is what you don't. millions of microbes stowed away in the cushions of b.a.r.t.'s 669 cars. >> makes me think twice about what i'm sitting in. >> i don't know, i've seen people bleeding and stuff like that. >> last week i saw somebody who probably had, like, urinated. it smelled like it. i mean, it's gross. >> reporter: this journalist teamed up with scientist darlene franklin. they swabbed the back seat of a random car, kwleened it with alcohol and swabbed again. >> i just about fell over. i could not believe like the colorful bacteria, the big mold, it was disgusting >> microbes love nutrient-rich environment. >> reporter: they found mold,ti fecal matter and strains similar to mrsa. >> there are drug-resistant bacteria everywhere. >> reporter: while b.a.r.t. signs tell people not to eat or drink and public decency
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dictates you don't go number one or two, people do. b.a.r.t. police received 245 complaints last year of urinating and defecating. that's not all. >> 82 complaints about indecent exposure. and that includes masturbation. i actually read some of the police reports about masturbating on b.a.r.t. and they are certainly sitting on the seats. >> reporter: don't accuse b.a.r.t. leaders of being in the dark. bob franklin spent an overnight shift cleaning the cloth seats himself. >> i had to clean a couple, we call it the hot lunches. you just do it to clean it and get it ready for the public the next day. >> reporter: hot lunches? what is that? >> that's when someone throws up basically. but it's called a hot lunch. >> reporter: and you clean that yourself? >> i did. i had to clean two of them. it was after a giants game. >> reporter: part of the irony is when b.a.r.t. first launched back in 1972, these padded, comfortable, cushiony seats were a huge part of the public campaign to get people out of their cars and on to public
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transit. >> people actually like them. if you read articles from the time, people said crazy things. this is like disneyland. this is so comfortable. i love it. so it did appeal -- it appealed to people. >> reporter: fast forward 40 years, and b.a.r.t. is the nation's oldest public transit fleet. the agency plans to replace all of its cars starting in 2017. so the results of these tests could play a big part in the seat selection. especially since a similar test on muni found the seats held very little bacteria. after being wiped with alcohol, the muni seats came up clean. riders say there's no contest. these days they'd choose clean seats over comfortable ones. would you give up comfort for cleanability? >> certainly would. >> reporter: or maybe they can have both as b.a.r.t. moves towardsity fleet of the future, the agency is looking for its cake and a way to eat it, too. just not on the train. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. well, it's not just b.a.r.t. public health leaders tell us many of the microbes found on
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b.a.r.t. seats are also commonly found in other public places. b.a.r.t. is installing new cloth seats while riders can help decide what type of seateds they want in the future. if you missed any portion of our report, you can see it online right now,, just search key word b.a.r.t. tomorrow night, do you know your rights when it comes to retirement? one woman thought she was getting a sweet deal, but she ended up owing tens of thousands of dollars. we'll show you why and how it could happen to anyone. that's tomorrow night at 11:00. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us with our workweek forecast. it might be going this way and that way and all around, wouldn't you say? >> certainly, raj. a few speed bumps in there. no matter how you're getting to work, b.a.r.t., muni or your car, you'll have to drive through cloud cover tomorrow. and even the slight chance of a shower. let's look at today and then we'll go to where we'll be going tomorrow. a cold blast across the bay area
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with the cold front that passed through on sunday. some of that humidity and the consistent rainfall did move out. but temperatures were in the mid to upper 50s for a lot of us. certainly feeling a chill in the air today. we're starting to see temperatures drop mayinly in th north bay. still holding on to low 50s from san francisco to san mateo. let's get to your weather headlines as we head throughout the morning. it's going to start off in the 40s. not super cold for tomorrow morning. still a slight chance for a shower. we'll see that cloudy start but some gradual sunshine coming our way which is going to be a preview of what's going to be coming as we head into midweek. i really think you'll like it. satellite/radar does have showers across eureka. there's only a slight chance that we could see a stray shower from that moving into the bay area with this weak system as it pushes off into canada. for us, it's going to be all about high pressure as we head throughout the next 48 hours. it's going to build in, bring us cool conditions late tomorrow. but mainly by wednesday, drier,
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warmer and yes, sunny weather and possible 70s coming our way. meanwhile for the morning forecast, mid to upper 40s for the south and the east bay. 44 in san rafael, 50 in san francisco and 48 in redwood city. yes, it's that time. san francisco giants on nbc bay area. not, of course, tomorrow, but happening on friday. temperatures here in the 50s. but they're not going to be playing there. as many of you baseball fans know, they'll be playing back here in arizona. temperatures mid-70s. winds 5 to 15. humidity, real dry air but perfect baseball weather. it's going to be mostly sunny. once again, san francisco giants right here on nbc bay area friday at 6:05. p.m. it's that time again. meanwhile for tomorrow, we'll warm things up as we get that gradual sunshine with temperatures in the low to mid-60s for tomorrow, which is tuesday. 62 in concord. 61 in fairfield. as we head throughout the north bay, temperatures in the upper
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50s to near 60 degrees. morning ti-- more anytime on th weather channel and on cable. wednesday, the best day with temperatures in the upper 60s, possibly a few 70s. friday, the giants right here at 6:05 p.m. and don't forget, sunday morning, 2:00 a.m., you've got to set your clocks -- yes, spring forward. >> spring forward. >> i have a long list. did i get this? did i get that? i got it all in there. thank god for those icons. >> we lose an hour of sleep, basically. >> we do, unfortunately. >> that's all we need. still ahead, oscar host bay area native james franco back home in the bay area. the amateur performance that brought him here. and now it's down to 1 1/2 men. what charlie sheen is saying tonight about the latest fallout surrounding his recent may have. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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not quite the red carpet of the oscars, but actor james franco is proud to be back home in the bay area tonight for his latest project, the palo alto high school alum is doing a documentary about his mom's play, being staged at stanford's children's theater, in addition to his acting career, franco is currently a student at yale and had planned to do the project as part of his degree there, but plans changed. >> yale, turns out, not to be the most friendly to innovative projects. so i've decided not to do it at yale.
11:24 pm
we're going to do it at nyu and also do this play. so yale is the big loser here, and palo alto and nyu are the big winners. >> taking a shot at yale. the play is a modern adaption of "mehta mo -- met morph physician "metamorphosis." sheen told "access hollywood" he heard about his job loss via text message when he was officially fired by warner brothers today. the company saying sheen had been engaged in dangerous, self-destructive behavior. so sheen has also been engaged in a video tirade against the show's producers over the past few weeks. the company said sheen's contract at nearly $2 million an episode is now terminated. no replacement is in the works or what sheen is going to do
11:25 pm
with all that leftover tiger blood now. >> at some point the story will end. >> at some point. let's hope so. just ahead, what was it, the giants and rangers in the world series? here we go again. we have a rematch, but this time a spring training night game. back in a moment. la ia moment. ceurenla scott with sports. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
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good evening. for st. mary's, the stress-free way to make it to the tournament or to assure better seating was to win tonight. taking on rival gonzaga in the wcc files. the gale s looking to take 2 of 3. doing the redonculous. in a tight game with under seven minutes left, freshman david stockton, the son of john, gets his shot to put the bulldogs up by five. dad likes it. and just over two minutes left
11:29 pm
in the game, stockton was feeding robert sockray for the crushing blow. gonzaga wins, 75-63. but note, top bracketologists are saying that st. mary's should be in as an at-large bid, maybe a ten seed. we'll find out for sure on sunday. the giants facing the rangers for the first time since the world series tonight. it's just spring training, but the anticipation for this one, in large part, about reflecting on the triumph of last fall. and the scene in scottsdale, pretty electric for a chilly night game even with things upside down. some of the postseason heroes coming on strong tonight, namely cody ross. down one. picks up his two-rbi single, scoring sanchez and sandoval. once they had the lead, they kept adding to it. pat the bat ends the drought going back to the last time facing the rangers. a two-run home run capping the scoring tonight. 4-1, the giants take it. manager bruce bochy was miked up during the game and reflected on the last time these two teams were matching up.
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>> there were quite a few times where it hit me. it's what you work for. it's a dream. it's the first one for me. like a lot of these guys. you know, there were times when you wake up, hey, you know, it really happened. you may be going down the road. you know, i was out fishing. certain things would trigger that. >> the a's hosting seattle. felix hernandez in his first start of spring. king felix was face to face with danger off the bat. david jesus sending it back up the middle. nearly beheading the king. he shook it off and hung in there to go nearly a full three innings. yield just one run. bottom three, kouzmanoff brings connor jackson around. the mariners, well, they took advantage of some sloppiness to beat the a's, 6-3. tomorrow, oakland hosts the padres. we're back with the former a's outfielder who delivered catch of the day. plus the decades-old nba record that was matched tonight.
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spills, chills and dizzy spills, all things you should see before you go to bed. we start in florida where the hills are alive with rolling
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children and losing their equilibriums. while former oakland outfielder nick swisher going all out for the yankees and holding on. he got the ball. finally, a three decades old nba record has been matched. 51 consecutive double-doubles for minnesota's kevin love. he takes a seat, enjoying himself, matching moses malone while thrilling the folks who love those numbers. that man is a beast. from ucla into your living room. double-doubles. like in and out, right? >> thank you, laurence. jay leno is up next. thanks for watching tonight. >> we'll see you tomorrow. bye-bye. and now "another viewpoint," response to an nbc bay area editorial. >> our latest editorial states the public sector isn't rebounding. and either we restructure the tax code or let legislative
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inaction and demand on public services tax us and our resources. christy laments, no one wants to make the tough choices, and we seem to be ignorant to vote for anyone willing to make those choices. roy echoes her complaint. we have a number of residents that don't want to pay taxes and who support politicians with that attitude. doug believes a value-added tax would be more fair. it targets spending, thus encouraging saving. and it hits the people who consume the most resources. and david adds, you were ahead of the curve on the pension problems the state is facing. i hope editorials like yours make a discussion possible among the elected officials. we thank you, as always, for your comments. to see more, logon to


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